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Greetings! I’m Dinesh
A versatile polyglot programmer. My passion for building, refining, and optimizing systems lies at the heart of my work. Whether it’s creating robust systems from scratch, breathing new life into existing ones, or elegantly refactoring legacy code. My expertise extends to the intricate art of data migrations, and I’m no stranger to architecting solutions for various paradigms, be it event-driven, RPCs, or crafting backends for mobile and web applications.

In my tech toolkit, you’ll find an array of languages and frameworks, including Go, Python, and Ruby, with recent forays into Django and Rails. I specialize in web application development, API design, and am well-versed in technologies like gRPC, Twirp, and Protocol Buffers. Regarding data storage, I’m your go-to guy for Postgres, Redis. And let’s not forget about message queuing systems – I’m have worked on both RabbitMQ and Kafka.

In the expansive realm of cloud computing, I serve as a maestro proficiently orchestrating the power of both AWS and GCP.

My software toolkit includes:

  • Alfred: Streamlining productivity and automating tasks with workflows.
  • VSCode: Crafting code with precision and efficiency.
  • Rectangle: Simplifying window management on my desktop.
  • Macbook Pro M1 Pro: Unleashing computational prowess.
  • Keychron K2: Typing comfort and efficiency with a mechanical keyboard.
  • MX 3: Navigating digital landscapes with precision.


When I’m not busy crafting, I’m contributing to the open-source community. I like reading through the source code of various projects and contributing to them. You might have encountered my work on the Alfred AWS Console Services Workflow in Go, simplifying AWS service access using alfred. I have also authored a few projects of my own, including:

  • browser: Go package designed to parse user agent strings. It provides a user-friendly and efficient solution for extracting essential information about a user’s browser, device, and operating system from their HTTP user agent headers.
  • ecsnv: A handy utility written in Go for locally managing AWS Fargate’s ECS container environment variables.
  • tic-tac-toe: A network-playable twist on the classic game of Tic Tac Toe written in Go.
  • bitcask-rb: A project for those interested in building their key-value store in Ruby.
  • redislock: A lightweight solution for implementing Redis-based locks in Go.
  • kafka-manager: Eventing made easy with Kafka written in Go.

Personal flair

I’m a seasoned trekker! My latest adventure took me to the breathtaking Kedarkantha trek. In addition to my love for trekking, I also work out regularly, and recently started delving into photography to capture the stunning landscapes and moments from my journeys on my Instagram using my Fujifilm X-T30 ii.


Get in touch

If you’re seeking a seasoned engineer with a knack for turning challenges into opportunities and an adventurous spirit you can reach me on my email or twitter.